Level Package!?

The preview has been announced! But not very clear… I’m not sure if by extension Mat means were getting a sequel, or if they’re adding levels to the pre-made game.

Or my guess is it could be a extension you can buy in the shop!!! If it is you know I’ll have my wallet open in a flash XD

It also appears that the viking has a red beard from this screenshot. The games being tested now so get ready!rallygaggin

Official announcement from Mat:
A lot of you have been emailing us with guesses about our mystery game last week: some right, some wrong! We can now reveal that the mystery game is going to be an extension of our Ice Breaker game.

Ice Breaker has proved to be very popular and we got bombarded by requests for more levels – so not wanting to disappoint we got started on a level pack. We couldn’t resist adding some more new features though so there’s going to be a few surprises along the way. You can see one of them in the image here but I’ll leave it to your imagination on what it’s showing and how it works!

You won’t have long to wait now – we’re just going through some final testing! Prepare to slice and dice some ice!


One Response to “Level Package!?”

  1. Hugo Says:

    when is it coming out.Glassworks is the latest game from the day I typed this

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