Finally Fixed

nitrome_button1You may have noticed over the weekand the site went down for a couple days. It is unknown why this happened just that it should be over. 😀 I believe most if not all your data will be lost on games. They’re all transferred though you can get them back (See Bye Bye save files post)

But luckily, many of you asked me what date the new game would come out. Nitrome has said that it’s getting ready to be realeased! I don’t know if its Icebreaker 2, or a new game. Though I believe it’s Icebreaker to ;>

The official word from Mat:
A few of you might have noticed that there were issues accessing the website last weekend. We are still unsure as to what caused these problems but they seem to be fully resolved now. We’re really sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused. Thanks to everyone who emailed in to let us know about the problem! If any of you are still experiencing problems then please try clearing your browser cache and reloading the page. If the problems still persist then please contact us letting us know which pages are affected.

Following up from our last Works blog post we have now swapped over all of the games to the new website hosting. As we mentioned before this may effect the levels unlocked in these games but you should be able to retrieve them by following the steps listed here.

On a positive note we now have all of the highscores in the games working again!

We should also be ready to launch a new game very soon.


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