Red Clan

Icebreaker: The Red Clan is now out! And boy it took me by surprise! It’s much harder than the original actually. Tough challenges and harder levels! I’d suggest playing the first before conquering this game! But overall it’s an amazing sequel! It also brings back that famous puzzle style by Nitrome :>
The official word from Nitrome:
As promised we have a new expansion to our Icebreaker game… the new Icebreaker: The Red Clan.

Get the new tribe of flame-haired vikings back to their longboat using your ice slicing powers…use new features such as grabbing rock and floating ice to help solve puzzles. There’s another 40 levels at your disposal so you’d better start slicing your way through them!
(I say this may be the hardest Nitrome game ever!)


2 Responses to “Red Clan”

  1. gamingatwork Says:

    Meh… I don’t really like it. I thought the first one was very nice. This one seems to have too many things into it.

  2. briguyfuzzy Says:

    i like this one better then ice breaker one, but i cant seem to beat level 37…

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