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April 22, 2009

Hooray another puzzle games! These are always fun! And right off I’d like to point out that Carl Trelfa did the programming!

Okay so the goal of the game is to put together blocks that will connect to circuits! And I must say this was made perfectly! Just trust me on this though… don’t think to hard. xD

So with bright fun graphics, an amazing puzzle style, and Fun gameplay… it’s Powerup!

(By the way… I’m stuck on level two… yeah its hard!)


Fans, fans, and fans oh my!

April 21, 2009

Sorry I haven’t been able to finish the guide… but I am working on it. Okay Nitrome made some new fan posts today… some comics games and… even one about a new board! So send your letters and they will be hung on the nitrome fan board!


Heres some links (which ones your favorite?)
Notice Board
Figurine (scroll down some)
Fan Art
Difference Games

(Good work Eli, Larissa, Fan, Maciek, and Barrett!)

Nitrome Guides

April 15, 2009

My site has been up nearly… two or three months now… And I believe its still relatively unactive. So I decided to start writing Nitrome guides!

Game guides to your favorite Nitrome games! Starting with Glassworks I’ll try to have it finished by tomorrow! (By the way, if you like or enjoy my site remember to leave plenty of feedback!)

Easter Egg Section ^_^

April 14, 2009

If you look to your left of the screen, you may notice I have a new section for easter eggs!

An Easter Egg, is a hidden reference or secret in the game. Usually they have no affect on the gameplay, or a tiny effect. If you spot any please post a comment of your amazing find!

Final Ninja Zero

April 8, 2009

Forty years before Final Ninja… Takeshi must take over the building and stop the evil doctor and his henchmen! With a ton of action, Final Ninja Zero has just won the most action award. I’m also glad to say we see Simon Hunter again… who’d previously hadn’t been in the games for unknown reasons…
Official word from Mat
Take control of Takeshi the ninja on his first mission in Final Ninja Zero. We find our hero learning the skills he used in the original Final Ninja game as well as a few he might have forgotten! (well he was getting on a bit…)

More intelligent enemies…. more stealth…. more security… more swinging… so basically more. In short if you love Final Ninja then we hope you will love this too!

Click here to become a ninja master.


April 2, 2009

What happens when all the humans leave… And all that is left is robots doing the same thing over and over? You get Rustyard, the new Nitrome game! The game has a similar story line as the Disney Pixar movie Wall-e and similar gameplay to that of onekey.

You play a robot, whos wondering through the world. But as any game, it has tons of traps. So using your mouse you must move the traps before it hurts the little guy!

The official word from Heather:
Welcome to the Rustyard…. the result of years of neglect. All that’s left in this world of throwaway scrap are the robots that once used to help with our everyday tasks… They continue on as if nothing had changed!

Help the robot get to the end of each level by using your mouse to manipulate the junk that has been sitting there collecting dust for centuries.