What happens when all the humans leave… And all that is left is robots doing the same thing over and over? You get Rustyard, the new Nitrome game! The game has a similar story line as the Disney Pixar movie Wall-e and similar gameplay to that of onekey.

You play a robot, whos wondering through the world. But as any game, it has tons of traps. So using your mouse you must move the traps before it hurts the little guy!

The official word from Heather:
Welcome to the Rustyard…. the result of years of neglect. All that’s left in this world of throwaway scrap are the robots that once used to help with our everyday tasks… They continue on as if nothing had changed!

Help the robot get to the end of each level by using your mouse to manipulate the junk that has been sitting there collecting dust for centuries.


One Response to “Rustyard”

  1. briguyfuzzy Says:

    I love this game, the second to last and last shold be swiched… anyway on lv 11 have the robot go in reverse on a certen pull-out brige to get the battery

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