Final Ninja Zero

Forty years before Final Ninja… Takeshi must take over the building and stop the evil doctor and his henchmen! With a ton of action, Final Ninja Zero has just won the most action award. I’m also glad to say we see Simon Hunter again… who’d previously hadn’t been in the games for unknown reasons…
Official word from Mat
Take control of Takeshi the ninja on his first mission in Final Ninja Zero. We find our hero learning the skills he used in the original Final Ninja game as well as a few he might have forgotten! (well he was getting on a bit…)

More intelligent enemies…. more stealth…. more security… more swinging… so basically more. In short if you love Final Ninja then we hope you will love this too!

Click here to become a ninja master.


One Response to “Final Ninja Zero”

  1. Jtangel27 Says:

    OMG, I love final ninja zero! I forgot what level I’m on though. I think I’m on the 7th level.

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