Cosmic Cannon

Finally after three weeks of waiting a new game (minigame) popped up called cosmic cannon! It turns out a game was ready to be launched but the sponsors are holding it back like in Toxic Two.

Anyway the new game is a sequel to cheese dreams! So you have to blast balls out of a cannon an hit previous ones to score points and keep ’em up! How fun!!!
G cheese dreams 2

I really enjoyed this one and I’m going for a highscore of 100! (Look out for the balls from previous games!!!)

Official word from Mat at Nitrome
A few of you might have noticed we haven’t had a game up for a little longer than usual…….thanks for all the emails πŸ™‚ Although we actually had a game ready that was intended to be launched we agreed with the games sponsor that it would be better positioned for a particular event later in the year so it has been held back. The eagle-eyed amongst you may even be able to take a guess as to some of the games contents and the event from the latest skin!

Fear not however as we have some great new games that should be ready for release really soon now so your not going to waiting long for your next hot games fix. To tide you over until then we felt it was about time we launched a new minigame to test your high score skills πŸ™‚ This one has been sitting around gathering dust at Nitrome towers for a while now so it is great to finally find a good time to release it. Click here to play Cosmic Cannon.

The aim of the game is to keep a number ball in the air for as many bounces as possible by shooting new balls into it. Watch out for balls featuring cameos from some of our other games…..they may look nice but they will only get in your way and they don’t count towards your score so try to get rid of them quickly! Don’t worry if you drop one you can just keep restarting until you think you have a score worth submitting……Good Luck!


10 Responses to “Cosmic Cannon”

  1. Cole Says:

    It won’t play on all of the comps in my house. 😦 mac or pc. It gets to the nitrome screen and then just freezes.

    • nintenbro0 Says:

      Try clicking to X out of the advertisement as soon as possible. Sometimes the games will freeze if you don’t. This happens also in Cheese Dreams, Scribble, and once in Snot Put

  2. Richard Says:

    This game is really fun! There is a problem, though: I’m not very good at it. My current high score is only 32, and on the High Score board, most people are up in the hundreds.
    Another thing with the high score board. Here are the first ten scores:
    I don’t get how three different people (yes they are different) get the exact same score, also a rounded number, and then it drops down more than 12000. Is there some cheat?

    • nintenbro0 Says:

      315 is a real score though all scores above it are fake. Hacked. They used “tools” to make themselves VERY highscores when in reality their score is much lower. Be careful of scores that are extremely high because they are likely hacked.

      If you notice some of the In the Doghouse scores are above 80,000 (Which is the highest possible score if you beat ever level in 0 moves… which is impossible)

      Nitrome games are extremely easy to hack thats why so many are.

      • Richard Says:

        Thanks for the answer!
        Sorry, but I have another two questions… If they’re so easy to hack, why don’t more people do it? And what makes Nitrome so easy to hack in the first place?

    • nintenbro0 Says:

      (Won’t let me reply to your newer one so I’ll reply to this again lol)
      Well for one its no fun to hack a game. Only nerds with no lives usually do it. Or very lazy people wanting to show off. But its also needing you to download programs to hack which can very easily come with a virus.

      They can also ban your IP Address off the site if you hack so no body wants to be banned.

      And I’m not to sure why its so easy. I may be because the games are not big complex games that would take hours to crack. They also probably don’t have much defense against it.

  3. Hala Says:

    Those people who do hack really ARE lazy people wanting to show off. I know this because my brother does it. Not so smart…..

  4. briguyfuzzy Says:

    the game ritarlay stinks πŸ™‚

  5. tubbytron349 Says:

    so is there some sort of secret to get high scores is the hundreds or do you just have to be realy good at it? My higest is 24 pretty low hard to get though. πŸ™‚

  6. Donovan Says:


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