Four times the action

Many of you know (or don’t) that Nitrome makes four games at a time… that means that when the newest game comes out 3 more are being made.

So what do we do when the games are being made? Predict what they are!

So here you go… the evidence, the game, and the concept against!
(The picture under is not real. It was an edit done by me. Feel free to use)

Dirk Valentine and the Martian Underworld
Said at the end of Dirk Valentine
Mentioned in Final Ninja Zero
Nitrome has game waiting to be released by the sponsor. Possibly the sequel?
No previews

Zombie game
Zombies from no other game were in the new Party backround

Carnivorous Plant game (Possible sequel to Feed me)
Plant featured in party backround no body has seen

For sequel it is unlikely because its a different plant type

New game
Nothing is currently known


2 Responses to “Four times the action”

  1. Tobie Says:

    In my opinion it’s obvious that the zombies and the plant and the woman in front of them all come from dirk valentine 2. Dirk valentine 2 is called dirk valentine and the martian underworld which means dirk will have to face some alien creatures and those creatures look like aliens. They must have been sure that those creatures would be implemented in a game sometime and since that game isn’t out yet they must have known about that game months before it was going to be created. And what game are they planning to make since dirk valentine and the fortress of steam?: dirk valentine and the martian underworld. The woman in front of them could be dirks wife or something like that.

  2. jack Says:

    Plus in the horror background one of the tombstones says [DV 2009 ?] which could stand for dirk valentine.Sort of off subject but does anyone notice any hints about a 3rd final ninja? just curious.

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