A new game came out of no where today! The goal of the game is to drop the bunnies onto the different platforms… Easy enough? No. Your then introduced to tubes, Enemies, and flying a bit too fast!

The game may lack graphics… but it completely redeems itself in fun factor! This game, unlike Powerup, Rustyard, and Icebreaker Red Clan, is not very frustrating or too hard. Its  very good game for beginers and extra fun for advance players!

I highly recommend this game and trust me, its levels are thirty… so it can’t be that hard to beat… right?

With two player action, Its Droplets!


Have fun!

The Official word from Mat

 This game is all about rabbit droppings…. ahem! …I mean rabbit dropping!

Hurl the lanky-eared bunny droplets to their likely doom in the hope of scoring enough points to get to the next level! Click to raise and lower their ears to adjust the speed of their descent.

Please note that no real bunnies were harmed in the making of this game… just pixel ones…. (not really).

Click here to play Droplets

by Mat


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