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This site is filling up!

June 28, 2009

Soon I’m not gonna have any endings to post in the game endings! I’ve already got most and I added Thin Ice and Twi Shot to the list! Flashgamegurus I still got a lot to add and same with Highscores. The Crew section I’m probably going to update with more facts and games worked on and such…

The Glitches section I’m not sure what to do on. If anybody wants it comment that you want it! And the timeline section is nearing completion… I’m just googling now when what time games were in (Like around what time was ancient Greace or Mediaval Times) I’m also having trouble with games in the future like Flash cat so I have to estimate around what time they’d be in.

I also thought maybe a random fact section (name still undecided) with intresting facts from nitrome. Like that the tune in sandman is a remix of a Mr. Sandman the song. And that Twin Shot is based after Bubble Bobble.

Alright that ought to be it! I’ll try to post a new highscore list soon and add on a bunch more videos from Flashgameguru thanks for reading and giving my site over one hundred views a day. I’m incredibly proud!


Oh my gosh he actually updated!?

June 26, 2009

Yes! I did haha.

I updated the Easter Egg section with one egg. I added in Bombas high scored (this time I wasn’t on the list lol) I added in videos of the six fun bosses on Double edged in the Flashgamegurus section. It was getting a wee bit dusty 😛 Thanks again to him which you can find his website link on my Blogroll.

And the three sections I was talking about are in production… kind of! I’m working on the timeline. I wanna get it perfect! And the fan pictures won’t be done. I might make a glitches section though. Might!

I’d also like to add in a aquick thanks to everyone viewing my site. Today and yesterday have been phenominal (I spelled that wrong … didn’t I?) in views!

And for a quick little bonus… nitrome will sometimes reference their work space by calling it nitrome towers. As in “Its been sitting around nitrome towers” or “New from Nitrome Towers”. Well ever wondered what Nitrome towers looked like? Well here you go haha!
Nitrome towers

Surprise Surrrrprise

June 25, 2009

Alright well I updated the Game endings section with Castle corp’s ending.

There are three sections I may or may not make. One is bugs. Like the messups or glitches in games. I also might make a section for fan artwork of nitrome. That I leaning towards no on. Though I am going to make a Nitrome Timeline section! Woot haha

I’m also about 76% done with Bomba’s highsocre list… Its a lot writing!

Lets hope the next game arrives sometime in the next few weeks. I’m guessing it will be! But it may be after threes weeks or another month and a week D:

In other news… With the release of their newest game, Hot Air finally go pushed to the third page! Woo-hoo!


Lets hope the next game arrives sometime in the next few weeks.

Castle Corp

June 25, 2009

Woot! Nitromes making up the wait to us with another game!!!! Move your people along and fire them at the enemies in this new game! Then grab the money and spend it for upgrades at the shop! Where you can buy sweet weapons like 3 fire arrows… Or the super awesome Robo Horse!

This game bears a striking resemblance to Castle Crashers… Weird isn’t it?

So take down the competetion in Castle Corp!

Official word from Mat at Nitrome
Castleware doesn’t pay what it used to… decorative shields, flags and drapes sales are all down this quarter. The competition is undercutting us every chance they get. There’s only one thing for it… ready the troops for battle!

In Castle Corp send your knights along the castle pathways and fire them off towards the enemy. Pick up gold to spend on upgrades in the shop. Overpower the enemy and save the corporation!

Play Castle Corp.

by Mat

Updated some thingles

June 24, 2009

Alright well I updated the Easter Egg section with one Egg. I also added Dirk Valentines and the Fortress of Steam, Mutiny, Double Edged and Rustyard to the game endings page. I’m going to put up 3 highscore charts tomorrow if possible… I also will try to post some Flashgamegurus (again thanks to Flashgameguru himself) So yeah… Thanks to any of my loyal readers who continued to visit even though I posted NOTHING…

^_^’ Sorry about that… I’ve been excruciatingly busy… Though… I have a little bit of a cool surprise or two coming so i hope it helps for the wait 🙂

Double Edged

June 23, 2009

Woooooooo-hoooooooooooo! Finally a new game!

With awesome 2-player accessability, We have a sidescrolling beat-em-up! With ancient romans, in greece…. in … san…dals…sandals…

Please… be warned though. This game gives a terrible first impression. Give it some time!

But it is Shweet! but be warned… this game is for the faint of heart… 6 bosses! Its…. Double Edged!

Double edged

Official word from Mat at Nitrome

 Do you like swords? Do you like the myths and monsters of Ancient Greece? Do you like to wear sandals? If your answer is yes to any of the above then you will probably like our latest release: Double Edged.

This is Nitrome’s take on the classic side-scrolling beat ’em up games of the ’80s. Featuring three different themes, six bosses and the option to play by yourself or with a friend there should be plenty to keep you entertained.

Play Double Edged.

 by Mat

Wheres the new Game!?

June 21, 2009

Alright its been an entire month and still no new game… I’m guessing people are wondering why… well this ought to explain it:

A new game has been coming out every 2 weeks right? Well this pattern was broken now. A new game has been held back by a sponsor (likely dirk valentine 2) so what does that mean? They don’t have a game ready. Soooooo… It would be AT LEAST a month before they’d have one. Plus Droplets came out after 3 weeks adding ANOTHER week on the wait. More than likely it will be out next week or if we really are unlucky… June 6th OR SO

New blog

June 3, 2009

Mmkay don’t worry. Nitromeworld will still be updated as soon as the new game comes out. I’ll start adding on highscores and everything… but I made a new blog. For not just any subject. It goes by anything. Nezzatia run by me Nezzatic! Here I’ll post anything that I find epically awesome! A way for you to stay in touch with the most intresting websites, games, and places without leaving your computer. <- Please… enjoy!