Castle Corp

Woot! Nitromes making up the wait to us with another game!!!! Move your people along and fire them at the enemies in this new game! Then grab the money and spend it for upgrades at the shop! Where you can buy sweet weapons like 3 fire arrows… Or the super awesome Robo Horse!

This game bears a striking resemblance to Castle Crashers… Weird isn’t it?

So take down the competetion in Castle Corp!

Official word from Mat at Nitrome
Castleware doesn’t pay what it used to… decorative shields, flags and drapes sales are all down this quarter. The competition is undercutting us every chance they get. There’s only one thing for it… ready the troops for battle!

In Castle Corp send your knights along the castle pathways and fire them off towards the enemy. Pick up gold to spend on upgrades in the shop. Overpower the enemy and save the corporation!

Play Castle Corp.

by Mat


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