Oh my gosh he actually updated!?

Yes! I did haha.

I updated the Easter Egg section with one egg. I added in Bombas high scored (this time I wasn’t on the list lol) I added in videos of the six fun bosses on Double edged in the Flashgamegurus section. It was getting a wee bit dusty 😛 Thanks again to him which you can find his website link on my Blogroll.

And the three sections I was talking about are in production… kind of! I’m working on the timeline. I wanna get it perfect! And the fan pictures won’t be done. I might make a glitches section though. Might!

I’d also like to add in a aquick thanks to everyone viewing my site. Today and yesterday have been phenominal (I spelled that wrong … didn’t I?) in views!

And for a quick little bonus… nitrome will sometimes reference their work space by calling it nitrome towers. As in “Its been sitting around nitrome towers” or “New from Nitrome Towers”. Well ever wondered what Nitrome towers looked like? Well here you go haha!
Nitrome towers


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