This site is filling up!

Soon I’m not gonna have any endings to post in the game endings! I’ve already got most and I added Thin Ice and Twi Shot to the list! Flashgamegurus I still got a lot to add and same with Highscores. The Crew section I’m probably going to update with more facts and games worked on and such…

The Glitches section I’m not sure what to do on. If anybody wants it comment that you want it! And the timeline section is nearing completion… I’m just googling now when what time games were in (Like around what time was ancient Greace or Mediaval Times) I’m also having trouble with games in the future like Flash cat so I have to estimate around what time they’d be in.

I also thought maybe a random fact section (name still undecided) with intresting facts from nitrome. Like that the tune in sandman is a remix of a Mr. Sandman the song. And that Twin Shot is based after Bubble Bobble.

Alright that ought to be it! I’ll try to post a new highscore list soon and add on a bunch more videos from Flashgameguru thanks for reading and giving my site over one hundred views a day. I’m incredibly proud!


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