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Finally I’m back!

July 27, 2009

So… heres the entire list of whats totally awesome about Twin shot Good and Evil!
Twin shot 22222dude
Level Pack of Evil 3000 Mochicoins – 5$
Fifty new levels to play in
New backround evil themed
Tons of new enemies
More traps
Boss battle
Evil music

Cheats ‘n Treats 1000 Mochicoins – 5$ (both 5)
Level Skip mode
Secret Character
Fart Mode
Multiplayer Mode
Extra Health
Be able to turn the frequency of items up or down
Bomb arrows

Skins Free!
Five new skins for you, Demon, Shadow, Ghost, Tiger, and Statue

So yeah Its awesome! All you neeed is an account at
Quick Little edit, I forgot to mention… Is it worth five bucks for it? Yes! The evil levels are incredbile fun! And have a new storyline 🙂


Dang you guys really like me?

July 23, 2009

The first month I set this site up I got thirty one views in one month… In July alone I’ve obtain one thousand five hundred views. I thought I’d share how happy I am. Still in disney but almost coming home so hang in there… Adamhermie of Youtube ( has posted a video on how to get Twin shot Good and Evils bonus levels without the use of a credit card :3

Since I’m not using my normal computer I still cant post pictures or game endings or anything like that 😦 Nor can I buy or play the games cause its my sis’s comp and she plays so yeah she won’t let me. I want to see the gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame! But whatever I’ll have to play when I’m back…

So yeah another quick little update to tide you over. 🙂 Cheers, Noah (Nintenbro0)

A little post from Disney World :)

July 21, 2009

Well yes… for ten dollars I decided to post a quick note. Yes i’m alive and will be back to normal soon! Just so you know I cant get pictures so nooooooooooooooooooo pics 😦 At least until about a week from now 😀

Now, I will direct your attention to Twin shot good and evil! Wow its great! So for five dollars you can buy the evil version which means, Level skipping, one hundred levels, A new characters, two bosses (or one :P) , New items, Two song, two backrounds, Awesome new enemies and a ton more… links are in the game itself. So yeah buy it… Hey if nitrome has one hundred thousand fans each paying five dollars they’d get five hundred thousand bucks! wouldn’t that be awesome!?

Finally… And this is an extremely proud moment for me but… You guys are soooooo loyal! I’ve been gone forever (and still another week) And my site is still getting hundreds of views everyday! Thats extremely fantastic 😀 You guys are great. When I get back I’m gonna go overboard new things just cause Ilove you guys 🙂

Noah (Nintenbro0 & Nezzatic)


July 11, 2009

Welp today I’m leaving… and I won’t be back until… July Twent Seventh I think. Soooooooooo One final post for you! Parasite is the name of the game! This is… how do I say it? As good or better than a classic video game! Its bit sad but really intresting.
Parasite 1
Your goal is to suck up the planet! Then leave it as a terrible powerless dust ball 😀
Parasite 2
Your main goal is to collect the forest spirits. Each level has three or more of them. So get out there is collect those forest spirits!Parasite 4
Oh and by the way is this not the coolest scene from a nitrome game or what?
Parasite 3


July 8, 2009

Okay Somebody told me they caught a virus to their computer after visiting my site. I personally Believe they are wrong. Please don’t feel afraid of my site. It did no harm anyone. If it did have a virus I’d be infected… And I’m still here and posting aren’t I? And your here aren’t you? So yeah my site is safe and hack, virus, and advertisement free!

Next up, Still no new previews, news or whereabouts on Twin Shot Good and Evil. Thogh I’m getting excited! It shall have new enemies and two different worlds… one for the good (which was also if I’m correct the first games place) and the evil! (mhuhahaha)

I updated the … Game endings I believe section with Mallet Mania’s ending. And the employees section…

Timeline I scrapped and is being restarted as the dates I had were false so I’m gonna read up on some dates 😛 Seeya soon!

What… the… heck?

July 7, 2009

Okay for one they realesed in their blog that there is going to be a Twin Shot sequel. Not Dirk Valentine!? Totally weird. Its going to be called Twin Shot – Good and Evil.
If you notice the new backround is super detailed and awesome! And I bet its gonna have bosses!

Sadly… Until friday I won’t be able to update until around four… when I get back from camp. Then I’ll be on vacation for two weeks! D’; So sorry dudes.

I’ll update Everything when I get back though… promise. Again I’m sorry… Check back around July twenty fifth and I’ll begin updating normally again.

Give or take a couple days.

Happy Independance Day!

July 4, 2009

Yay its independance day! Oh and happy canada day to you canadians 🙂 I know thats a little late buuuuuuuuuut… I kinda don’t stay up to date with holidays in other countries. 😛

Wow fan stuff!

July 3, 2009

Wooly the MONSTAWhen I say wow I mean these are awesome… maybe I should make a Nitrome wii case haha! (I don’t own an xbox)

So anyway there were a ton of things sent in from the fans! Heres a quick list!
Wool Square meal guy
Stylish Feed me and Skywire
Nitrome Xbox Case
Nitrome inspired Characters

Thanks to Judy, Ivan, Simon, Tim, and Mauro!

So at the end of the post Nitrome announced that they’d be putting up some preview pics soon… Which could possible mean Dirk Valentine 2 preview pics!!??

Official word from Heather at Nitrome
Here is a quick update of what you guys out there have been sending in:

This amazing picture shows what a Square Meal troll would look like if it was made out of wool! Thanks to Judy for sending in this picture of the troll which she crocheted herself! We all think it looks very cute!

Ivan sent in some printed pictures of Feed Me and Skywire which we think look really stylish!

Simon sent in a picture of what an xbox cover of our games might look like. You can also see it in action here. We thought this looked really cool…. maybe one day!

There are some comics sent in by Tim of Icebreaker and Final Ninja which we found amusing.

Finally, Mauro sent in some Nitrome inspired characters that he created. He describes them on his blog here (Italian with English translation).

As usual thanks to everyone for all of the effort they have gone to!

We’re hoping to have some exciting game preview news next week so stay tuned!
by Heather

Nothing too new

July 2, 2009

😛 Haven’t posted as I’ve spent the last three days putting twenty hours into a video game… Anyway So far I don’t believe nitrome has anything new though hopefully we can expect a new in the next week add a few days.