Wow fan stuff!

Wooly the MONSTAWhen I say wow I mean these are awesome… maybe I should make a Nitrome wii case haha! (I don’t own an xbox)

So anyway there were a ton of things sent in from the fans! Heres a quick list!
Wool Square meal guy
Stylish Feed me and Skywire
Nitrome Xbox Case
Nitrome inspired Characters

Thanks to Judy, Ivan, Simon, Tim, and Mauro!

So at the end of the post Nitrome announced that they’d be putting up some preview pics soon… Which could possible mean Dirk Valentine 2 preview pics!!??

Official word from Heather at Nitrome
Here is a quick update of what you guys out there have been sending in:

This amazing picture shows what a Square Meal troll would look like if it was made out of wool! Thanks to Judy for sending in this picture of the troll which she crocheted herself! We all think it looks very cute!

Ivan sent in some printed pictures of Feed Me and Skywire which we think look really stylish!

Simon sent in a picture of what an xbox cover of our games might look like. You can also see it in action here. We thought this looked really cool…. maybe one day!

There are some comics sent in by Tim of Icebreaker and Final Ninja which we found amusing.

Finally, Mauro sent in some Nitrome inspired characters that he created. He describes them on his blog here (Italian with English translation).

As usual thanks to everyone for all of the effort they have gone to!

We’re hoping to have some exciting game preview news next week so stay tuned!
by Heather


2 Responses to “Wow fan stuff!”

  1. william Says:

    hey, my name is william, and i’m one of nitromes #1 fans. can you please teach me how to be better?

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