What… the… heck?

Okay for one they realesed in their blog that there is going to be a Twin Shot sequel. Not Dirk Valentine!? Totally weird. Its going to be called Twin Shot – Good and Evil.
If you notice the new backround is super detailed and awesome! And I bet its gonna have bosses!

Sadly… Until friday I won’t be able to update until around four… when I get back from camp. Then I’ll be on vacation for two weeks! D’; So sorry dudes.

I’ll update Everything when I get back though… promise. Again I’m sorry… Check back around July twenty fifth and I’ll begin updating normally again.

Give or take a couple days.


One Response to “What… the… heck?”

  1. Richard Says:

    Hey that’s funny I had a camp and a vacation during the past four weeks too 🙂

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