Okay Somebody told me they caught a virus to their computer after visiting my site. I personally Believe they are wrong. Please don’t feel afraid of my site. It did no harm anyone. If it did have a virus I’d be infected… And I’m still here and posting aren’t I? And your here aren’t you? So yeah my site is safe and hack, virus, and advertisement free!

Next up, Still no new previews, news or whereabouts on Twin Shot Good and Evil. Thogh I’m getting excited! It shall have new enemies and two different worlds… one for the good (which was also if I’m correct the first games place) and the evil! (mhuhahaha)

I updated the … Game endings I believe section with Mallet Mania’s ending. And the employees section…

Timeline I scrapped and is being restarted as the dates I had were false so I’m gonna read up on some dates 😛 Seeya soon!


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