Welp today I’m leaving… and I won’t be back until… July Twent Seventh I think. Soooooooooo One final post for you! Parasite is the name of the game! This is… how do I say it? As good or better than a classic video game! Its bit sad but really intresting.
Parasite 1
Your goal is to suck up the planet! Then leave it as a terrible powerless dust ball 😀
Parasite 2
Your main goal is to collect the forest spirits. Each level has three or more of them. So get out there is collect those forest spirits!Parasite 4
Oh and by the way is this not the coolest scene from a nitrome game or what?
Parasite 3


One Response to “Parasite”

  1. Micah Says:


    Great game 10/10

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