A little post from Disney World :)

Well yes… for ten dollars I decided to post a quick note. Yes i’m alive and will be back to normal soon! Just so you know I cant get pictures so nooooooooooooooooooo pics 😦 At least until about a week from now 😀

Now, I will direct your attention to Twin shot good and evil! Wow its great! So for five dollars you can buy the evil version which means, Level skipping, one hundred levels, A new characters, two bosses (or one :P) , New items, Two song, two backrounds, Awesome new enemies and a ton more… links are in the game itself. So yeah buy it… Hey if nitrome has one hundred thousand fans each paying five dollars they’d get five hundred thousand bucks! wouldn’t that be awesome!?

Finally… And this is an extremely proud moment for me but… You guys are soooooo loyal! I’ve been gone forever (and still another week) And my site is still getting hundreds of views everyday! Thats extremely fantastic 😀 You guys are great. When I get back I’m gonna go overboard new things just cause Ilove you guys 🙂

Noah (Nintenbro0 & Nezzatic)


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