Dang you guys really like me?

The first month I set this site up I got thirty one views in one month… In July alone I’ve obtain one thousand five hundred views. I thought I’d share how happy I am. Still in disney but almost coming home so hang in there… Adamhermie of Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/) has posted a video on how to get Twin shot Good and Evils bonus levels without the use of a credit card :3

Since I’m not using my normal computer I still cant post pictures or game endings or anything like that 😦 Nor can I buy or play the games cause its my sis’s comp and she plays so yeah she won’t let me. I want to see the gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame! But whatever I’ll have to play when I’m back…

So yeah another quick little update to tide you over. 🙂 Cheers, Noah (Nintenbro0)


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