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August 22, 2009

I’m soooooooooooo sorry on the lateness of this post… Junior high has seriously taken a toll on me…

Anyway enough about me, Nitrome has an incredible new game! When I looked at this I thought for a second, First balloons with eyes… then Rides gone crazy, now cats that can fly with one eyeball into cows?

Well thats exactly what it is!
In this game you control Rockitty (Rocket+Kitty)! Your goal is to navigate by propelling yourself with a rocket blaster all the way until you reach your ship. Its physics are very similar to Castle Corp’s but I do believe this game may be one of the best designed nitrome games ever!

Its incredibly fun to bounce into cows so go ahead and see if you can get through all space levels!

Before I finish off this post a couple things I do believe need be told. One, this post was super late as I barely even have got on this computer this week! Junior high has exausted me and its only the first week!

Next, I may add a Author page. Where I can post FAQs about myself ^_^ I dunno maybe its to far? If it doesn’t work out I’ll take it down… once its up haha 🙂

Enjoy your weekand and lets hope Nitrome gives us another game soon!


New game?

August 17, 2009

Nope. It should be out sometime here. maybe once its past September 5th (noooo!) One game was held back… and one game is being tested so hopefully two games will be out super soon!

Tis all for now! (btw… most updates will come after 3:00 PM (my time) from now on cause of junior high.)


August 10, 2009

The new game is being tested and should be out soon if not tomorrow… To give you something to do…

I updated the
Easter eggs with a new egg
Highscores with some updates
Trivia with a bunch new trival coolness
Flashgamegurus with one guru

So yeah check ’em all out! (Expecially trivia)

Nitrome vote? (And fans)

August 6, 2009

Sadly the fan stuff is screwing up my computer so I can’t post links but they do have them all on the blog!

Now… Vote?
Yes! Vote what you want with 6 options!
Level Editors
Good: Make your own nitrome levels! Then play around with them and more!
Bad: Well these may be complicated and make a game take longer aswell that you may not be able to make a wide range of a level It’d likely glitch easy too!
Good: I’m a forum geek I admit but Nitrome forums? Well I guess that could be fun.
Bad: A lot! One, spamming, swearing, and more! Plus it’d take up the crews time! It’d likely be the worst choice nitrome ever made! I’m extremely against this!
Game achievements
Good: Win online awards for your hard work!
Bad: Well maybe on miniclip or Newgrounds but in all honesty what would you gain from it? Maybe just satisfaction though I feel achievements would be a bad choice :/
Good: Nitrome items! Now this is an idea!
Bad: In all honestly I think this is the best option of the poll haha!
Multiplayer online games
Good: Have fun with people all over the world!
Bad: Not as fun if you can’t verbally speak to them. Aswell it may be very hard to beat a veteran at the game. Plus they could hack!
Game guides
Good: Much easier for games…
Bad: Well a good couple things. Less satisfaction when you watch the guides I guess… Plus Flashgameguru would be ruined! Aswell that it would take up a lot of the crews time!

Has fun voting!

The day is once again saved by…

August 3, 2009

The power puff gir… err… I mean Flashgameguru! He viewed the picture then told me about the banner! (He’s also the one who supplies all of my Nitrome game videos… which I still need to update :P)

So yeah good job… think I should put it in the trivia section?


August 3, 2009

I added a trivia section! Its for things other than Nitrome games. Only the games will be included sometimes. Most game trivia will be on their pages 🙂

Anyway, so far it has 3 facts, which I believe are pretty darn intresting 😀

Tell if its cool, dumb, or the greatest section ever! Thanks!
In other news, I’ve become extremely curious about this picture of the nitrome website, It shows it when it was relatively new. (When the sections still had jobs listed in it. Well anyway what makes it so strange to me is the picture of the current newest game. You see when you look at the picture (its very small) You cannot see what it is. So I zoomed in and still couldn’t figure it out, The only match that came close to looking like the picture there was headcase but it still had some differences.

So! I’ll show you both pics, the normal and zoomed in ones, and I want to see if anyone can figure out what picture it is for me! Its taken my mind over! (With the picture I’m seeking circled in red)
Zoomed a bit
Zoomed more
Zoomed a lot

So what is this!? Comment your guesses!

Todays updates

August 2, 2009

Today I updated the Game endings section with Twin Shot Good and Evil’s endings. I updated flashgamegurus a bit, aswell as the crew section (no new people just some new descriptions)