I added a trivia section! Its for things other than Nitrome games. Only the games will be included sometimes. Most game trivia will be on their pages πŸ™‚

Anyway, so far it has 3 facts, which I believe are pretty darn intresting πŸ˜€

Tell if its cool, dumb, or the greatest section ever! Thanks!
In other news, I’ve become extremely curious about this picture of the nitrome website, It shows it when it was relatively new. (When the sections still had jobs listed in it. Well anyway what makes it so strange to me is the picture of the current newest game. You see when you look at the picture (its very small) You cannot see what it is. So I zoomed in and still couldn’t figure it out, The only match that came close to looking like the picture there was headcase but it still had some differences.

So! I’ll show you both pics, the normal and zoomed in ones, and I want to see if anyone can figure out what picture it is for me! Its taken my mind over! (With the picture I’m seeking circled in red)
Zoomed a bit
Zoomed more
Zoomed a lot

So what is this!? Comment your guesses!


7 Responses to “Trivia”

  1. Nitromegamer66 Says:

    I don’t really recognize it, either. I’ll have to admit I hadn’t become a true Nitrome fan until Onekey and Knuckleheads were one of the newest games, so I would’ve never seen that. Maybe they deleted the game because it was bad? Maybe there was a better reason to delete a game? Or… something weird was on it.

  2. flashgameguru Says:

    ^^ this is just an banner they used to have right there.
    It said something like “click here to make Nitrome your homepage”
    if i remember correctly it showed a computer monitor with the pink Nitrome-logo

  3. joko49nitrodrama Says:

    is the first top games . the game

  4. isaac Says:

    if you guys got that image than how come you dont tell us what it is or just show us the Doc or link

  5. Tobie Says:

    It is ‘make nitrome your homepage’, im playing on since the launch of hot air and i remember that button :D.

  6. someone Says:

    It’s Toxic

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