Nitrome vote? (And fans)

Sadly the fan stuff is screwing up my computer so I can’t post links but they do have them all on the blog!

Now… Vote?
Yes! Vote what you want with 6 options!
Level Editors
Good: Make your own nitrome levels! Then play around with them and more!
Bad: Well these may be complicated and make a game take longer aswell that you may not be able to make a wide range of a level It’d likely glitch easy too!
Good: I’m a forum geek I admit but Nitrome forums? Well I guess that could be fun.
Bad: A lot! One, spamming, swearing, and more! Plus it’d take up the crews time! It’d likely be the worst choice nitrome ever made! I’m extremely against this!
Game achievements
Good: Win online awards for your hard work!
Bad: Well maybe on miniclip or Newgrounds but in all honesty what would you gain from it? Maybe just satisfaction though I feel achievements would be a bad choice :/
Good: Nitrome items! Now this is an idea!
Bad: In all honestly I think this is the best option of the poll haha!
Multiplayer online games
Good: Have fun with people all over the world!
Bad: Not as fun if you can’t verbally speak to them. Aswell it may be very hard to beat a veteran at the game. Plus they could hack!
Game guides
Good: Much easier for games…
Bad: Well a good couple things. Less satisfaction when you watch the guides I guess… Plus Flashgameguru would be ruined! Aswell that it would take up a lot of the crews time!

Has fun voting!


4 Responses to “Nitrome vote? (And fans)”

  1. flashgameguru Says:

    Of course “Game Guides” means me posting my videos exclusively on… oh wait that’s what i dreamed of last night

  2. IUHoosiersFan Says:

    flashgameguru, no it doesn’t. Nitrome workers would make the guides, which would be 50 times better.

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