I’m soooooooooooo sorry on the lateness of this post… Junior high has seriously taken a toll on me…

Anyway enough about me, Nitrome has an incredible new game! When I looked at this I thought for a second, First balloons with eyes… then Rides gone crazy, now cats that can fly with one eyeball into cows?

Well thats exactly what it is!
In this game you control Rockitty (Rocket+Kitty)! Your goal is to navigate by propelling yourself with a rocket blaster all the way until you reach your ship. Its physics are very similar to Castle Corp’s but I do believe this game may be one of the best designed nitrome games ever!

Its incredibly fun to bounce into cows so go ahead and see if you can get through all space levels!

Before I finish off this post a couple things I do believe need be told. One, this post was super late as I barely even have got on this computer this week! Junior high has exausted me and its only the first week!

Next, I may add a Author page. Where I can post FAQs about myself ^_^ I dunno maybe its to far? If it doesn’t work out I’ll take it down… once its up haha 🙂

Enjoy your weekand and lets hope Nitrome gives us another game soon!


One Response to “Rockitty”

  1. .Dano. Says:

    Hay I like your site it’s very cleaver! Well… I am Dano and I was wondering around and I need to ask you a few questens!

    1. How many Nitrome Games have you played and finished?

    2. If your ever look for some upgrades for your site than just call me I have helped 100’s of Bloggers with there sites! I have around 10 Websites in total you can vist them if you like! But I just whanted to ask you if you whated me to work on your site?

    It’s ok if you dont!
    Yours Sincerly

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