Bow Contest

So, nitromes been having a bad game streak right? Well this one just made up for the last four games! Bow Contest!

This game includes Mochigames like Twin shot two! So the gameplay is similar to most arrow games where you shoot the arrow against an aponent and then they shoot at the target too. But their are four modes Beginniners, Rock, Balloon and bone! Each with three people to challenge. There are also many bows, Normal, bomb, sheild, Splitter stone, multi-bonus, no wind, boot, copy and invincible arrows.
Bow contest

Now the purchasesable things!
Mine arrow – Free (just login)
Golden Arrow – Free (just login)
Spirit Arrow – 400 points
Banana Arrow – 400 points
Director Arrow – 400 points
Magnet Arrow – 400 points
Dragonfly Arrow – 400 points
Egg Arrow – 400 points
Smart bomb Arrow – 400 points
Infection Arrow – 400 points
Air Strike Arrow – 400 points
Extincition Arrow – 400 points
Arrows Pack – 3000 points (1.25$ saved if bought)
Cheats n Treats – 1000 points (Will be detailed)
Fire Cup – Unknown

So happy shopping!


3 Responses to “Bow Contest”

  1. nico Says:

    in bc it dont show me points i get…, nor the opponent name, u got same problem?

    • nintenbro0 Says:

      Yes this happened to me. 60% of words and letters wouldn’t appear. It appears they’ve fixed this bug. If its still messed up for you I’d either refresh your browser, restart your computer, or email them when and where the bug/s happen

  2. mangukoobas Says:

    stupid coins buy but i´m coins is 0.but cpu dread is lol and hard cool worlds is bone cup,ballons cup,begginers cup.

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