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December 31, 2009
Yay Nitrome finally got a facebook page! If you are a member on facebook I’d suggest going and joining the group, I’m already a fan!

So go post fan stuff and suggestions for games on there in the comments (btw they apparently take your suggestions seriously cuz clan of the raven was make into a game!)

Happy new year!


Raven Clan

December 28, 2009

The raven clan is out… I can honestly say I was wrong about what it was going to be… Good job to everyone who guessed it correctly! And especially good job to the fan Maciek! (The one who came up the clan of the raven picture!)
(Thanks to Tobie and Matzac12345 for telling me :D)

In this update we have a more darker tone with the mysterious raven clan. They have a strange moss growing around them which they can use to bounce their companions to safety!

So check it out!

(Wow Icebreaker the Gathering is fun!!!)

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2009

Okay so today was Christmas (yay!) and for it one of my presents was a Dsi so… Here are some cool things you can do with the Dsi and Nitrome together!!!

1. First download the internet (free if i remember right) and then you can use it to go to the nitrome website (or here!)… you cannot play games but you can check for updates 🙂
2. Make your own Nitrome frame! Okay take a picture of your favorite nitrome characters SUPER close-up so the screen has the face only. Then use the create a frame to mark out the backround and make eye-holes! Now take pictures of yourself 😀

Have fun with these ideas 🙂


December 22, 2009

Sled your way down the mountain feeling from your doom… This explains everything and I guarentee you will not be let down! Its one of the funnest games of nitrome in a while and I hope everyone loves it!

So get out there and go play!

First Clan

December 22, 2009

Nitrome realesed eight new levels with the first clan from the original icebreaker today! This time their new element is rails that items can slide on… pictures coming soon!

Little ways to spread the Nitrome cheer!

December 19, 2009

Okay just some announcements and such…
First off check out the game endings section i finally beat one of the games recently haha…

Secondly happy holidays! I will be away for like fourish days so if theres no new post (which i hope I can make) then understand why.

Thirdly(?) heres a detailed picture of new icebreakers!

Who do you think they are?
We know elder clan but i’m guessing the flight and rat clans are the others 🙂

Finally I wanted to point out a couple ways to spread Nitrome and help themout.

1. Click ads around the site… each click helps them keep the games coming out and sometimes faster!
2. Join fan groups! There are fan groups on sheezyart and facebook so go join some and find your own (btw do NOT post links to these clubs. I would very much dislike the flood of links thanks)
3. Just play their games. you can find them on other sites then nitrome you know… miniclip and newgrounds are good examples. Vote goods or add feedback if you have time/its possible.

(Click the pictures if you have difficulty reading the text!)
So go spread some christmas cheer and have a great break from school/work!!! 😀

Icebreaker the Gathering

December 14, 2009

For Nitrome’s new winter game sequel we have Icebreaker the Gathering! It will have multiple tribes with seven new levels released each week! This game uses all the old physics of the icebreakers however it has updates in many areas and new tools to play with!

In this game you have the updates of bombs, and the ability to skip levels. (However you can only skip one level per day and can’t play the new level until the next day) You can also control the camera scrolling and have a ton of new vikings! Get ready cause this is one of nitrome’s best ideas… ever!

So go enjoy the gathering and start preparing for next week’s clan!

Comment on how you like the game by the way!

All winter Games revealed!

December 12, 2009

If you can tell by the picture above there are seven boxes unused. Now two of say coming soon. The rest do not (Thank you Tobie) Two are happy five are sad!

So that means we get an unknown penguin game (I’m guessing either a sledding game, team game (Like Small Fry), or an indian tribe game 😀

Followed by Icebreaker which has came down to that it will likely have multiple clans in it! Yay maybe return of the Red and first clan!?
(Or the games in opposite order)

So yes be prepared for the excitement to begin!

Winter Wonderland!

December 11, 2009

1. First off, a new Icebreaker game is coming! It will mark the first game to have two sequels and will have new characters! It has some blue looking vikings… possibly the blue clan? It will have new elements, forty new levels, and viking clans! Does this possibly more than one clan will appear???? (Thanks for telling me Flashgameguru)

Its also been said that there will be another winter game if not more!
2. Next Nitrome has a winter page where you can find all their winter games!
3. Finall this picture was realeased in the ads section. Now I don’t normally post ads however, check out a preview for the next wonter game! Its that little blue penguin to the left!

Snowman Skin!?

December 10, 2009

A pink and purple skin showed up today themed for Christmas! It will not allow me to view the entire skin so I would be very greatful if anyone could send me a full picture of it 😀

Already I see previews for games in it!
The two so far are, A bunch of little men shooting and blowing up a pile of snow and an insane looking penguin sledding down a hill! Take your guess and tell me if you spot more!