Winter Wonderland!

1. First off, a new Icebreaker game is coming! It will mark the first game to have two sequels and will have new characters! It has some blue looking vikings… possibly the blue clan? It will have new elements, forty new levels, and viking clans! Does this possibly more than one clan will appear???? (Thanks for telling me Flashgameguru)

Its also been said that there will be another winter game if not more!
2. Next Nitrome has a winter page where you can find all their winter games!
3. Finall this picture was realeased in the ads section. Now I don’t normally post ads however, check out a preview for the next wonter game! Its that little blue penguin to the left!


3 Responses to “Winter Wonderland!”

  1. Matzac12345 Says:

    I think it is Icebreaker: The Clan Of The Raven.
    3rd post.

    • nintenbro0 Says:

      Clan of the raven was to my knowledge a fan made game. It possibly may be but its unlikely as Nitrome wouldn’t usually do this. However it does look like a possibility right now 😀 Keep up the investigating

    • Tobie Says:

      I think that there will be multiple clans because the blogs speaks of ‘new viking clans’, but i certainly hope the clan of the raven is one of them because it sounds really niee :D. Did anyone else notice that on there are 2 happy faces saying ‘coming soon’ and 5 sad faces saying ‘not coming soon’? That means that there will be 2 more winter games; icebreaker 2 and the penguin/hole digging creature game :).

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