Icebreaker the Gathering

For Nitrome’s new winter game sequel we have Icebreaker the Gathering! It will have multiple tribes with seven new levels released each week! This game uses all the old physics of the icebreakers however it has updates in many areas and new tools to play with!

In this game you have the updates of bombs, and the ability to skip levels. (However you can only skip one level per day and can’t play the new level until the next day) You can also control the camera scrolling and have a ton of new vikings! Get ready cause this is one of nitrome’s best ideas… ever!

So go enjoy the gathering and start preparing for next week’s clan!

Comment on how you like the game by the way!


21 Responses to “Icebreaker the Gathering”

  1. indio321 Says:

    Awesome! One of my favorites now:)

  2. Matzac12345 Says:

    I see the 5 clans!
    1. Elder Clan
    2. Normal Clan
    3. Red Clan
    4. Possibly the Brown CLan?
    5. Possibly the Dim-Grey Helmet Clan.

  3. Matzac12345 Says:

    I thought it said Level Editors.

  4. indio321 Says:

    I wonder when the level editing game will come out..hopefully soon:) I’ve gotten to know Mat better. He told me about the skin in advance.

    • Tobie Says:

      He mailed that it won’t come out in 2009. Why are you bragging about that again by the way? o.0

      • nintenbro0 Says:

        Umm I hope you understand that talking to him through email isn’t really getting to know him. However its still nice he told you and too bad… I was hoping the penguin my be a level ediotr game πŸ˜›

  5. Luraman Says:

    Well they promised to make some level editors in the future, so why wouldn’t they make one for this game? πŸ˜€

  6. indio321 Says:

    ??? I know more about him. I’m not bragging because anyone can do the same. He told me more about nitrome. So I would conclude that he is telling me about his opinions.(

  7. indio321 Says:

    Also, I don’t wan’t to come off as bragging. I’m just exited to know some info…but sorry if I seemed to brag. No harm intended.

  8. indio321 Says:

    By the way…who thinks the(possible)next sequel will be snowdrift II? It is the game that got me into nitrome:)

  9. indio321 Says:

    I am very exited…whatever it is:D

    • nintenbro0 Says:

      The next winter game will not be a sequel… it is currently unidentified however is shown to have blue (insane) penguins πŸ™‚ Snowdrift 2 however seems like a likely future game.

      I find it funny just how many people want snowdrift 2 πŸ˜›

  10. indio321 Says:

    L.O.L. I love that game:) Well, I am still every bit exited. I can’t wait!

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