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Mystery Truck

January 31, 2010

So I haven’t posted much recently right? (Other than updating pages like game endings) I decided to ask nitrome’s fans what they thought of the mystery truck!

If you go to the nitrome home page and view the preview for rubble trouble then you will notice this truck appears. However it is not seen through the entire game! Why? (I’m guessing the drill was traded in for it but im not sure)

Comment your guesses!


Rubble Trouble

January 29, 2010

After foever we have a new game… RUBBLE TROUBLE! I was pretty excited to see what this was gonna be about and it was well understood! This for one has some of the best music i’ve heard out of a nitrome game in a while… its fantastic! Its very addictive and fun because you get to use machines and tool to destroy buildings!

This game is one of Nitrome’s best ever and I really like it… its one of my favorite games 🙂 Can you smash through all 30 levels?

And the winner is…

January 21, 2010

Did Nitrome win any of the jayisgames nominations? Yes!

Congradulations to nitrome in winning…
Best Physics – Icebreaker!

Yay and it certainly deserved that award! Good job nitrome 🙂

Tar Cup

January 19, 2010

Finally after what seemed like months of waiting… the tar cup has come out!

So now battle competitors surrounded by sticky, gooey, tar and slowly sinking dinosaurs.

Lets hope this sin’t the end of Bow contest…

Hunter Clan

January 11, 2010

Our fifth and final clan has come out… the Hunter Clan! Yay tell me what you think of the game

So the hunter clan have two new obstacles… rocks that can be screwed in place and gigantic balloon like women! Can you get through these obstacles to the longboat!

I think this was a really fun nitrome games and I hope you did too!

Double voting!

January 7, 2010

Okay so Jayisgames has nominated a few of nitrome’s games for the year… vote for them to win! (Like last year!!!)

Next vote on some nitrome sequels in the blog! I’m voting for a feed me 2… theres so much they could do with it! So go vote on the classics (And double edged lol just kidding)

Red Clan

January 4, 2010

Yay the next installment of icebreaker the gathering is and it’s the Red Clan! Their new idea was chains… unfortunatly they connected them to the ice trapping them (brrrr…) So go and free them! Only one last clan… I hope the ending’s awesome.

Nitrome’s awards

January 1, 2010

Okay we all know Nitrome has been spreading to many different sites. Some of them Nitrome even has posted games on… so here is a quick rundown I made of Nitrome games featured on websites 😀

Okay if you go on Wrigley’s Candystand or Miniclip (soon) you will be able to find some Nitrome awards on certain games. So go check them out and show off your skills!
(By the way over 200 fans on the nitrome facebook in 2 days!?)