Red Clan

Yay the next installment of icebreaker the gathering is and it’s the Red Clan! Their new idea was chains… unfortunatly they connected them to the ice trapping them (brrrr…) So go and free them! Only one last clan… I hope the ending’s awesome.


4 Responses to “Red Clan”

  1. Tobie Says:

    Jayisgames best of casual gameplay 2009 is out! Vote for nitrome games on :D.

  2. Tobie Says:

    The following nitrome games are nominated:
    Action or Arcade: Cave Chaos, Double Edged and Flash Cat
    Physics: Ice Breaker
    Platform: Final Ninja Zero and Twin Shot 2: Good and Evil
    Shooter: Graveyard Shift
    Tactical or Strategy: Castle Corp

  3. Tobie Says:

    OMG SEQUEL VOTING THAT WAS MY IDEA (see facebook ‘Maybe you can make a vote thing on your blog where we can choose those sequels (from a premade sellection)?’)… I dont like the premade selection (skywire, icebreaker and twinshot already have sequels, double edged and off the rails are already good enough and i dont like feed me and square meal) but i voted for feed me 2… I cant believe that square meal has 61% of the votes! o_0

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