Double voting!

Okay so Jayisgames has nominated a few of nitrome’s games for the year… vote for them to win! (Like last year!!!)

Next vote on some nitrome sequels in the blog! I’m voting for a feed me 2… theres so much they could do with it! So go vote on the classics (And double edged lol just kidding)


8 Responses to “Double voting!”

  1. Tobie Says:

    Skywire, icebreaker and twinshot already have sequels, and the other games cant be improved anymore or are bad nitrome games, everyone wants mutiny 2 and flipside 2 and they havent put those on the list! I can’t believe it.

    • nintenbro0 Says:

      I know I expected those too for sure! They even said Mutiny 2 was going to come someday! I don’t understand why they want more sequels for icebreaker and twin shot… though if they win they’d REALLY have to pull off something HUGE to win my favor.

  2. Tobie Says:

    Hunterclan is out on nitrome 😀

  3. indio321 Says:

    Ya. A flipside two would be epic:)

  4. IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) Says:

    Flipside 2 would be terrible in my opinion. I would want a Mutiny 2, Dirk Valentine 2, Parasite 2, or a Rustyard 2.

  5. worldbug Says:

    off the rails is kind of boring, but any sequel to nay game is great. I get all excited when i see a new game on nitrome.

  6. john Says:

    i want feed me 2
    it so awesome!

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