Rubble Trouble

After foever we have a new game… RUBBLE TROUBLE! I was pretty excited to see what this was gonna be about and it was well understood! This for one has some of the best music i’ve heard out of a nitrome game in a while… its fantastic! Its very addictive and fun because you get to use machines and tool to destroy buildings!

This game is one of Nitrome’s best ever and I really like it… its one of my favorite games 🙂 Can you smash through all 30 levels?


3 Responses to “Rubble Trouble”

  1. IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) Says:

    I have beaten it. It was quite fun. The earlier levels are harder than the later ones though. I can definitely imagine a sequel of this, and I think there possibly will be in the not so far future.

  2. worldbug Says:

    this is a great game ♥ nitrome

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