Mystery Truck

So I haven’t posted much recently right? (Other than updating pages like game endings) I decided to ask nitrome’s fans what they thought of the mystery truck!

If you go to the nitrome home page and view the preview for rubble trouble then you will notice this truck appears. However it is not seen through the entire game! Why? (I’m guessing the drill was traded in for it but im not sure)

Comment your guesses!


14 Responses to “Mystery Truck”

  1. Tobie Says:

    I thought exactly the same 😀

  2. Matzac12345 Says:

    Wow. Also I checked the help in nanobots and it has a green nanobot that does not appear in the game. (I finished nanobots)

    P.S. Can you do all the other tools (Nitroglycerin, Drill, Cannon, Wrecking Ball Helicopter, Missile Lancher, Air Strike Plane, Grabber Helicopter, Chain Gun, Thumper Block, Ultismasher 3000 and Blue Ferrari) like the Mystery Drill Above. (White Background)

  3. NOBODY Says:

    The mystery truck is probably an early version of the Drill Tool. And what probably happened is this was the first version of the Drill, but the Drill we see in the game was used instead o this one, so instead of not putting in the game, they put in the Animation. Reply to Matzac12345: I can give all the tools white backgrounds. And, are you Pufflesrcute from the Nitrome Wiki?

  4. Matzac12345 Says:

    I could be a drill that goes up because the drill in the game doesn’t go up.

  5. Matzac12345 Says:

    A blue Portapod appears but it is not in the game…

  6. Matzac12345 Says:


  7. worldbug Says:

    it looks great though

  8. Zac Says:

    They probably had so much fun with the epic art they got carried away.

  9. john Says:

    i want rubble trouble

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