Iphone game?

Thanks to Tobie, Nitrome appears to be in the development of an iphone game 😀 Originally there was a phone game or two made by them (one being chick flick) but they moved on to website games…

So how do you feel about it? Personally i’ll be upset if its not on the website… I do not own an Iphone and I do not know anyone who does so it excludes a big audience… So Nitrome if you read this please put it on your website too!

What do you think they should do?


7 Responses to “Iphone game?”

  1. Tobie Says:

    I agree, but I don’t know how hard it is to convert an Iphone game to a computer game and vice versa :D.

  2. NOBODY Says:

    Nitrome is not going to put it on their website. They need to make money, and their not going to get any if they don’t make it Iphone exclusive. But Four Play and Chick Flick were Cellphone games and they were available on the internet a year after they were made, so it may be the same for this unidentified Iphone Nitrome Game. But the only reason Four Play and Chick Flick were available online was because Nitrome moved to PC Games. But this may be good, because if Nitrome gets enough money, more money meens more Employees, more Employees mean better games, and maybe, maybe, they may make a 3D MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game) :).

    • Tobie Says:

      Hey Nobody :D. I think you’re right about the Iphone games thing. I know they have made a cellphone game called Four Play and I know what kind of game it is, but I didn’t you know that you could play it online, Were can I play Four Play? I’m not hoping for a 3D MMOG, because there enough of those made already, I am hoping for some bigger (2D flash) games though :).

  3. NOBODY Says:

    It was previously available for Download on the Adobe Website (So says the Nitrome Wiki), but was removed for unknown reasons. It’s a Connect-4 type of game, and Alien Saucers (With aliens in them) are used. As the name suggest, it may had been able to be played by 4 people. I’m hoping Nitrome would make a 3D MMOG. Because in a 3D MMOG, you could control the Pink Cats from Twin Shot, or even Takeshi, or maybe the Eskimo. But Nitrome would had to have enough Pounds to fund the making of it.

    P.S: Tobie, did you know Testers for games get paid?

  4. Tobie Says:

    o.o No i didn’t, I would do it for free :D.

  5. Karel santral Says:

    Nice. Thanks for sharing…

  6. Micah/somebody Says:

    I don’t think Nitrome should make 3-D games but I agree with the money thing

    2-D games suit nitrome and if they change it may mean you have to downlode them

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