Nitrome’s Future poll!

Now this poll isn’t on the nitrome website… however i wanted to know what you wanted as a future for nitrome! Vote in the poll then tell me why in the commments below! Personally i’d want online games and a wiiware game or two… 🙂

What should the future of nitrome be?


6 Responses to “Nitrome’s Future poll!”

  1. NOBODY Says:

    Great Poll! I personally don’t own a Wii (And don’t want to) or an Xbox. The only thing my Family owns is a PS2, and a Gamecube lent to me by my Cousin. But an MMOG would be great. I also wondered… what if Nitrome made a Video Game with all their games on it, and the game was only for Wii? That would be awesome for Wii owners!

  2. NOBODY Says:

    The reason I picked “Continue making online games” was because I still want nitrome to make Online games. And the reason I picked “Create a console game” was because playing things on consoles is fun! Imagine playing Final Ninja on a Wii, or Pixel Pop. And the reason I picked “Design a Massive Multiplayer Online Game” was because everybody loves jumping around huge worlds with other players. Those are the reasons I picked those options.

  3. Tobie Says:

    I picked ‘Continue making online games’ and ‘Design a massive multiplayers online game’ 😀

  4. Tobie Says:

    ‘From Bedroom to Medium Sized Office… The Nitrome Story’

    Discover how Nitrome have successfully grown from a two-person team working from a spare bedroom to a team of ten people solely funded by advertising, sponsorship and licensing.


    * Mat Annal & Jon Annal, Nitrome


    This happens from around 9.30 to 10.30 am PST (GMT-8) and you can follow it here:


    That means that you should all be watching at 5.30 pm GMT :D. (Timezone information at:

  5. Tobie Says:

    OMG OMG OMG NEW IPHONE GAME ITS HUGE, They said this at the flash gaming summit and they showed a trailer with music, they have worked on this for the past 6 months!


    Some other pictures I took: (prototype of Mutiny) (bloody version of Twin Shot 2, it isn’t really coming) (nitromes revenue graph) (this isn’t a new game, just an image) (the nitrome crew sitting in the office) (another image of the office)

  6. Martin Says:

    I think nitrome will make a massive multiplayer game!

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