Huge news!

Okay right now i want to very dearly thank Tobie for his outstanding contributions to this blog! He is the entire reason this post is possible and continues to go above and beyond helpful!

Now down to buisness… Theres a lot to say so lets start from square A. So you know how there was an Iphone game coming? Well there is and it’s Super Feedme! This game appears to be the character back in the greenhouse only… he also visits an underwater sewer like place and an office type place!
Check out this cool trailer!

Woohoo im so excited for this!

Next up we have some pictures from the talk… none of the game stuff is games just old pics and prototypes so dont get excited! Though there are some office shots! - –

(There is some sort of documentary on nitrome however i cannot find files or such or even the channel to confirm this)


14 Responses to “Huge news!”

  1. NOBODY Says:

    The graphics for Super Feed Me are out of this world. To bad I don’t have an Ipod or Touch.

  2. Tobie Says:

    I agree Nobody :). Rustyard has won the best puzzle game award (the mochi)! 😀 Too bad I missed the award show :(.

  3. Tobie Says:

    Mochimedia photos on flickr (large size):

  4. NOBODY Says:

    Your lucky you saw something. I saw none of it :(.

  5. JoshuaM Says:

    I hope they don’t make too many good iPod touch/iPhone games because I don’t have one. Unless they made them as web games aswell…

  6. Mironar Says:

    I want Nitrome makes a Super Feed Me:Version for Internet

  7. IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) Says:

    Look at this link!

    it is not from any game before!

  8. Tobie Says:

    The Nitrome talk at the Flash Gaming Summit was recorded :))

    At 5:19 you can see an intro from a new game! You can clearly see a wizard spawning ‘Nitrome’ and it isn’t mirror image or magic touch! 😀

    I have uploaded a picture of it here:

    I once suggested the following on their facebook:
    “I will start with a idea: a platformer where you play as a warlock (like mirror image) where you have to fight all kinds of undeath (or something more originial), in a haunted castle for example.”

    I don’t know if they have based this game on my idea, but the wizard looks exactly as I had in mind for the game I suggested :).

  9. Says:

    i like it but i want to know when its coming out its like jun 23 and its not out and i really want to play (i play the games on nitrome)

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