Blast RPG

How far can you fire a knight from a pig cannon? Let’s figure out with Blast RPG!

Its fun game but a strange art style don’t you think? New artist!


12 Responses to “Blast RPG”

  1. Basketballbrian Says:

    I don’t espically like this nitrome game for once

  2. Matzac12345 Says:

    Am I the only 1 who likes this?

  3. Tobie Says:

    I do like it but there isn’t really enough tactic involved and the bear traps are unfair…

  4. Matzac12345 Says:

    I hate the bear traps!

  5. NOBODY Says:

    Beat it in 3 days. When it first came out, I hayed it so badly, me and my friends on the Nitrome Wiki deemed it the worst Nitrome Game in the universe! But then I started to like it. And now I’m writing articles on it on the Nitrome Wiki.

    But Matzak’s right, bear traps are unfair. And did you know that the sky background on level 4 doesn’t move, so it seems like your not moving at all.

    P.S. I found two Startups for 2 unreleased Nitrome Game! We may be expecting Mirror Image 2, and something with big green things.


  6. Tobie Says:

    I found both pictures :P!

    Btw Nobody, This might be the same one at different stages of the animation and that wizard is not from mirror image or from magic touch!

  7. Matzac12345 Says:

    It’s me

    • NOBODY Says:

      I knew thought it was you Pufflesrcute. Before I was positive it was you, then I kind of lost hope, but now I know! BTW cool pics you uploaded today on the Nitrome Wiki.

      P.S: I play on Club Penguin to. Under the name “I Love Fish”. And my sibling plays under the name “Kiki Ching”.


  8. Tobie Says:

    I just received an email from Nitrome :D.

    Hi Tobie,

    although we are thrilled to see so many of our fans have watched the talk it really was not intended for our fans (it was an industry event)… fact we didn’t even know they would be broadcasting it online. The point is that there are some things in the talk we probably wouldn’t have shown if we had known this.

    The wizard is not from a game that anyone has suggested but the intro is clearly from something we are yet to release.

    We may well put other games to iphone or console but I think we will see how the first game does first 🙂



  9. Tobie Says:

    I mailed him about this picture:

  10. NOBODY Says:

    Here is how the Startup goes:

    The Nitrome letters probably come out of somewhere, then all of them grow, then the O turns green, and then a a Dark Green…hive…is beside the O.

    That’s all I know (Or think) will happen.

    Wait…the green hive, the wizard, could it possibly mean..Dirk Valentine and the Martian Underworld (DV2)?

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