Startup Madness?

27 Responses to “Startup Madness?”

  1. NOBODY Says:

    I saw a Green Hive in the Nitrome Wiki pic, and that’s what made me think of DV2.

    It could be Magic Touch 2. Some game where you go around trying to liberate the castle by casting magic spells or something like that. Or it could be an Alien Nitrome Game I thought nitrome was going to make back in august because of the alien looking creatures. Or it could be the wizard from Magic Touch fighting aliens.

    I guess were going to have to wait till next month to see.


  2. Tobie Says:

    It clearly is a different wizard and it isn’t dirk either. πŸ˜€

  3. NOBODY Says:

    My post didn’t appear.

  4. NOBODY Says:

    I’m making Walkthroughs on Nitrome Games on Screen Toaster now! Here’s a [url=]Link[/url] to my account (Watch my Videos!).


  5. NOBODY Says:

    That’s odd. Whenever I put a Hyperlink in a Post, it doesn’t show up. Let’s try this one more time. Probably because of spamming.
    Here is a link to my Screen Toaster account. It’s where I make my Nitrome Game Walkthroughs. Link >

    Copy it then paste it into the address bar (Don’t forget to watch my videos!).


  6. NOBODY Says:

    Okay, don’t paste the address into the Bar. It already links to my account.


  7. Matzac12345 Says:

    Maybe Double Edged 2

  8. NOBODY Says:

    I wouldn’t think so. There’s nothing related to Double Edged in it.

  9. Tobie Says:

  10. Tobie Says:

  11. Tobie Says:

    Jay D. Smith his Twitter ( quotes:

    He has been looking for a job for a long time:
    – Still Job Hunting! Woohoo 😦 (Apr 17th, 2009)
    – Still job hunting! 😦 (Apr 28th, 2009)
    – I’m back after a busy week that really didn’t amount to anything worth while! 😦 Back to the job hunt i guess! (May 8th, 2009)
    – Still job hunting, how depressing!! 😦 (May 18th, 2009)
    – Is a whole load of tired! Still on with the job search! 😦 (May 28th, 2009)
    – is still job hunting! 😦 (Jun 12th, 2009)
    – Hey! Anyone know of any animation design jobs in the uk going at the moment? Need to get some work! (Jun 26th, 2009)
    – Job hunting sucks!! 😦 (Jun 26th, 2009)
    – Job Hunting! Job Hunting! Job Hunting! 😦 (Jul 2nd, 2009)
    – Job Hunting! 😦 (Jul 12th)
    – Didn’t get the job at Rare. But then again, when i applied, i didn’t quite know the difference between an artist and a designer anyway! 😦 (Aug 12th, 2009)
    – Job Hunting! Gotta find me some work!! πŸ˜› (Aug 19th, 2009)
    – Job hunting! Job hunting! Job hunting! Job hunting! Job hunting! Job hunting! Job hunting! Job hunting! Job hunting! Job hunting! (Sep 30th, 2009)
    – is job hunting still! BIG FUN TIME!! :s (Oct 22th, 2009)

    Then he found out about Nitrome and applied:
    – Still waiting for friday and the yes or no email! πŸ˜› (Nov 11th, 2009)
    – Still waiting!! (Nov 13th, 2009)
    – Now works for Nitrome games!! πŸ˜€ (Nov 16th, 2009)

    Then he got accepted and started working at Nitrome:
    – first week at Nitrome over! Working on some interesting games! (Jan 9th, 2010)
    – My first game at Nitrome is out “Blast RPG” – (Mar 12th, 2010)
    – RT @gamezebo: Can Nitrome ever make a bad game? We review — and love — Blast RPG. (Mar 25th, 2010)

    That means he started to work at Nitrome as soon as 2010 started and that Blast RPG took around 100 days before it was released :).

  12. NOBODY Says:

    I take back everything I Said about him.

  13. NOBODY Says:

    I found this odd pic on the Nitrome Wiki. . Could it be the next Nitrome Game?

  14. Tobie Says:

    Looks fake to me, probably just a combination of artwork of other games + the main characters. It’s well done though :).

  15. NOBODY Says:

    Ya. I thought those characters are well done also.

  16. Matzac12345 Says:

    It is real. It just wasn’t finished. It was a 2 player mobile phone game. You were a player who had a giant flyswat and you knocked bugs into the flytrap. Then it will create platforms for you to stand on to get away from the water. Jelly beans are Power-Ups.

  17. Stu Says:

    I wonder what he thinks of you posting his Twitter posts up on here. A little stalkerish, maybe…

  18. Tobie Says:

    Jay D. Smith: – Something i’m working on!

    and put the new fan art on the nitrome blog on this website :P.

  19. NOBODY Says:

    Matzac12345/Pufflesrcute found that image > on Deviant Art. Can anybody find the image on Deviant Art and post the Artist’s Comment here? I need it for the Spacecape Page.

    • Tobie Says:

      It was on his pixeljoint account (

      “This is a design for a clip folder for Avery that I did about 2 years ago. Thought I had lost the original, as i’ve been looking for it for ages but finaly found it on an old dissused zipdisk in a big box of junk……Huzzar. As you can see it is a mixture of oldschool classic games and film. References can be found from Alien, Doctor Who, Xenon, Space Harrier, Pac-man, Asteroids and command and conquor type stratagy games. The final design never made it to print unfortunately being replaced by another design idea I did for the company in vectors. It is full of flaws now I look at it again with more experienced eyes, but it is what it is. I still like it a lot. Please click to see full piece. Crits always welcome.”

  20. NOBODY Says:

    Today’s (April 5th) is Nitrome’s Birthday! On April 5th 2004, Nitrome Was Founded! Happy Birthday Nitrome!

  21. bamseper Says:

    it is a new game on nitromΓ© called tiny castle

  22. Micah Says:

    Bamseper sorrey if this sound rude but if you know what it is dont coment

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