A new skin thats absolutely amazing called Factory appeared today and its quite incredible! My favorite so fr, however i am as said before on vacation so i cannot post pictures 😦 I also got Tiny Castle to play and its very fun where you stay mostly in one screen , no levels, and its full of traps!

I hope your all enjoying the surpriss as much as i am. Its nice to see hem after the Blast RPG game being there for a month. (not that its bad, just short) so have a happy Spring break!


8 Responses to “Factory”

  1. Mironar Says:

    I enter on Wikipedia’s List of Nitrome Games and what did I found? On Mobile Games section I see Skywire 3G! But on internet I don’t see nothing about that.

  2. NOBODY Says:

    It’s Totally fake. 1st, it says “The Sequel to Skywire 1 and 2”. Skywire 1 already has a sequel. And it was written by an IP. You can’t trust ’em.

  3. Juulpower Says:

    Dirk still needs his head, he stands left from Monty. And he wears a sword, you can’t wear a sword in Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam so it’s probably a subtile hint for a sequel to Dirk Valentine :).

  4. Mironar Says:


  5. Juulpower Says:

    why was my other post removed? :s, (real juulpower here btw)
    anyway, Dirk wears a sword!! =O, *hopes for dirk 2* =D

  6. bamseper Says:

    dirk is not on the factory skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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