New game out today that really seems to capture the recently disapeared, cute look of nitrome! Your goal is to cut up planets using you “chiseller”. A new programmer has joined named Ignat Zuk is responsible here! Its quite an incredible game!

Can you go through all 30 levels? Its full of crazy species and gravity similar to that of super mario galaxy or Space Hopper! So have fun with this new game! By the way every planet is unique! whats the coolest ones!?


7 Responses to “Chisel”

  1. Tobie Says:

    Nice 🙂

  2. bamseper Says:

    chek out the nitrome blog! fans have making a super toxic! cool!

  3. william robinson Says:

    i eagerly want to glitch this game, so i can get to the scoreboard without beating a score

  4. bamseper Says:

    new game on nitrome!

  5. Mironar Says:

    It’s called Bullethead

  6. Tobie Says:

    Bullethead has another new programmer! Stuart Allen! Awesome music :D.

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