Nitrome games not working

On the games will not play for me! I tried deleting my browsing history but it didn’t seem to help. The games work on other sites, just not nitrome. Any ideas?


9 Responses to “Nitrome games not working”

  1. Bucky Kentucky Says:

    Which browser are you using? Using Firefox 3.6.3 and Flash on Windows XP (no service packs), I’m able to play the games fine.

    Try re-visiting them now. Maybe it was a problem with their site. If it still doesn’t work for you, it’s most likely a problem on your end.

    If you could list the following info, then we could probably pin-point the problem. (Nice alliteration, lol)

    *Operating System (+ Service Pack (for Windows, press the Windows logo and Pause/Break keys together to view System Information))
    *Browser & Version (click Help > About to check what version #.)
    *Flash & Version (Add/Remove in Windows should tell you, but I’m not sure. If you’re using Firefox, then open a new tab/window and in the address bar enter “about:plugins”. Then scroll down to “Shockwave Flash” (yes, it is called that, not “Adobe Flash”), and check the version number.

    Good luck!
    ~Bucky Kentucky (yes, I’m from Hannah Montana)

  2. nitrome1nobody Says:

    Use another computer?

    P.S: The site works okay for me. What did you want to do?

  3. Tobie Says:

    Works fine for me :/

  4. bamseper Says:

    nothing wrong here! i dont know what to do?
    use another computer if you can?

  5. Tobie Says:

    Look what I found:

    This topic was started 3 weeks ago… Nitrome is hiring a new programmer (while there already are 6 programmers and only 4 artists…) and most exciting of all; they’re hiring ‘someone to head up our website development’:

    ‘this is a new role that currently is covered by the games programmers but that we want to dedicate as a seperate possition going forward. The role would involve growing the areas of the website and working with us to add new functionallity that may be either intergrated with a range of games or else add to the user experience outside of the games.’

    Maybe they want to make a player system (like miniclip has) with achievements/badges or things like that :D.

    ‘If you have any experience with Socket connections or Facebook intergration they might also be a plus but are not a requirement to get the roll.’

    That means they are going to put some of their games on Facebook or make new Facebook games… I don’t know what a Socket connection is though :).

  6. Tobie Says:

    This is Nitrome’s Domain IP:

    It links to their website 😛

  7. Tobie Says:

    Got updates today! Like I said before they’re looking for a website developer! 😀

  8. Tobie Says:

  9. kobold144 Says:

    I’m having the same problems as well, whenever i try to play a game on the Nitrome site, i get a blank white screen where the game should be in the browser, like the game just isn’t loading. I’ve installed Flash 10 and all, and the games from nitrome that are on other sites work fine. its just nitromes site.
    i’m using a macbook with osx and the latest version of firefox

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