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Fault Line

June 16, 2010

These exciting futuristic graphics came from yet another new artist! Stefan Ahlin. With a character close to Norman from Headcase and scary amazing backrounds, it’s Fault Line!

In this new (major) game, you use your radical character to literally pull the level together. You push walls together taking away other walls. Its programmed very well and a great game!

I don’t think I’ve been this excited to play a nitrome game since Toxic two or Frost bite two! Its graphics stun me and I cannot wait to see more from this artist and all the others! Looks like amazing new games are on the way!

Another great thing about this game is the check-points. Instead of having like three lives, you have endless lives that take seconds to restart 😀 My only complaint is the music could have been more exciting for such an exciting game but its still good and dramatic!



June 4, 2010

Nitrome is hiring game programmers and website programmers so if you have the required skills you should check out for applying 😀

link above