Fault Line

These exciting futuristic graphics came from yet another new artist! Stefan Ahlin. With a character close to Norman from Headcase and scary amazing backrounds, it’s Fault Line!

In this new (major) game, you use your radical character to literally pull the level together. You push walls together taking away other walls. Its programmed very well and a great game!

I don’t think I’ve been this excited to play a nitrome game since Toxic two or Frost bite two! Its graphics stun me and I cannot wait to see more from this artist and all the others! Looks like amazing new games are on the way!

Another great thing about this game is the check-points. Instead of having like three lives, you have endless lives that take seconds to restart 😀 My only complaint is the music could have been more exciting for such an exciting game but its still good and dramatic!


12 Responses to “Fault Line”

  1. Tobie Says:

    Great Game :D. 5/5

  2. Tobie Says:

    Reminds me of magneboy :).

  3. bamseper Says:

    yes it minds about magneboy
    like it. 4/5

  4. Micah Says:

    Loved it I hated mirror image hoping it would be like this game
    and guess what theyy made it (it sounded good in my head) however I was diserponed with the end(won’t tell you how it ends but it’s like that one where your a troll (cant remember name)) corently working on parasite-2nd best nitrome game on my list-and this game first.

  5. Micah Says:

    whens the next nitrome game go’na be

  6. nitrome1nobody Says:

    Whens it gonna be released? Nobody knows (I don’t mean me).

  7. Mironar Says:

    A new Game!It’s Called Ribbit! It’s a veryy good one.By J.D.Smith,Aaraon Steed and Dave Cowen.

  8. bamseper Says:

    ribbit are cool

  9. Mironar Says:

    New Game on Nitrome!Worm Food!By Markus Heinel,Ignat(or Ignatus) Zuk and Lee Nicklen

  10. bamseper Says:

    i think worm food is too hard! im only on level 2=-(

  11. Mironar Says:

    The shop was realeased! Check out on their facebook page!

  12. nitrome1nobody Says:

    The Blog hasn’t been updated for 3 months. Where are you?
    P.S: Here is the URL for my blog > http://nitromeuniverse.wordpress.com/

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