This page is for the author of this blog, me. This is where I’ll keep all the questions so I don’t bother you guys with random stuff about my life in my normal posts 🙂

Whats your real full name?
I won’t be giveing my middle or last name out but my first name is Noah.
How old are you?
I’m thirteen and lovin’ it!
Where do you live specifically?
Indiana. I will not tell you my Address, nor city. I also will not tell you my cell and home phone numbers so don’t bother.

How did you discover Nitrome?
My friend showed me Scribble on and I pretty much hated it (Yeah yeah I know). One day Hot Air Two came out and I was like “Whats this dumb game?” And then I loved it. When Cheese Dreams came out I noticed the link to the website!
Whats your favorite and least favorite game(s)?
Favorite… Immediatly Cheese Dreams and Knuckledheads come to mind. I also really enjoy Mallet Mania and Mutiny. Overall my favorite would have to be Cheese Dreams though… Least favorite… well prepare to shun me! I’ve always disliked Chick Flick, Tanked up, and Scribble. But Pixel Pop is the only game I can’t spend more than five minutes on.
Are you related to any of the Nitrome team?
Pffff, No. I wish.
What made you wanna create and blog and is it hard?
Well one day I was like… hey like a million people know this guy cause he writes about a game… why can’t I do it? So I thought Nitrome would be really fun to write about. A couple weeks later I found WordPress which seemed to jump out as the most useful blog service. So yeah!

And is it hard? Hmmm, well in some ways yes. Trying to crank out new items to keep people interested is hard. As well as when you say your going to do something and either forget it or become to lazy and scrap it. So yes its hard in some aspects.

I also had to learn from Square A when I created this blog so I pretty much just learned as I went. It actually took me three hours of Trial and Error to get my first picture up!
What are your statistics like number of views?
Well if I put up a new post it usually is around fifty to one hundred thirty. The highest I ever hit was One hundred and fifty six I believe… though I haven’t checked today… Oh and a normal basis with no new posts… about twenty to forty views overall.


3 Responses to “Author”

  1. Jessie M. Ryans Says:

    see ya @ skool

  2. william Says:

    Hello Noah, do you know Mat Annal, the nitrome man?

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