Whos works for Nitrome? Who is really behind the magic of every game? Well here you can learn the names and whos and hows of the Nitrome Crew! (This list goes down from when the crew joined)

Mat Annal, Mat oversees all of the games. He comes up with the ideas. And C0-founded Nitrome. Hes like the boss you could say. He does some art though most recently he leaves it to the other artists. He did all the art for games such as Feed me, Hot Air, Skywire, Tanked Up, Roly Poly, and most of the first few games. He also answers the fanmail (Mail call!!!!) And hires people. If you’ve got a bug report it to him.

Heather Stancliffe, Heather also oversees the games similar to Mat. She makes some blogposts aswell and is the other founder of Nitrome Limited. She does a lot of programming and designing. She designed and Programmed a ton of the games on the second page! She also helps supply support for the games with new ideas!

Lee Nicklen, Possibly the name thats seen in the most games of Nitrome! He does a ton of music for the nitrome games. Like Mat and Heather he helped in all of the first few games. He did the music for Skywire, Roly Poly, and even the amazing catchy Hot Air songs! Though Dave does a lot of music now, Lee still supplies some!

Simon Hunter, Simon is well known and different from the other artist (Mat being more bright and colorful graphics, and Markus being very detailed), simon does them so… so fun. Like they were made for an action spy game. And thats mainly what they’re in! He did the art for Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam aswell as Final Ninja and Final Ninja Zero! Plus he has done a lot of art for smaller games like In the Doghouse and Mallet Mania… I have a feeling we may not be seeing him around much at all… And if Markus has taken over the art Simon will be missed.

Chris Burt-Brown, Chris does the programming for all the game Simon did art for! Mallet Mania, Mutiny, Jack Frost , ect. So what makes him different from Heather? The sheer perfection of programming. He programs like a pro. Heather can do really complex programming aswell though!!!

Dave Cowen, Dave did the music for a lot of the newer games like Mutiny! Hes a real professional at it too! With nice fun music and an amazing atmosphere his music is a real Challenge to Lees! Good job Dave.

Aaron Steed, Aaron did a lot of programming for games like Knuckleheads! He did things very nicely too as I have yet to find a glitch in Knuckleheads haha. He hasn’t been seen to much lately but I hope to keep seeing him Like Simon hunter

Markus Heniel, Immediatly Markus became a star when Icebreaker hit the scene. A blaringly popular game in which he did the art for! Its deatailed, fun, and very very perfect. Hes done the art for all the newest games like Glassworks, Twin Shot, Mirror Image, Rustyard, Ect. He really is an amazing artist and I can see him going very far in his work!

Carl Trelfa, Carl hadn’t appeared much until he was the lone programmer for Powerup. Sadly because the game had its fair share of glitches he got hit hard for being a bad programmer. But no body has noticed just how hard it must have been to program that game. I believe he did a wonderful job and I really hope to see more from this man! As anyone who can program a sticky Balloon has impressed me.

Jon Annal, Honestly he originally did some art for Hot Air Two, and has appeared in different games since then. He did Cheese Dreams, Powerup, and other random games on the site! He really is quite good as the graphics he produces are fun to look at and easy to learn from!

Andrew Gardner He did the programming for Cave Chaos. Nothing else is known.


One Response to “Crew”

  1. william Says:

    I Think Carl done an incredible job on rockitty, bc bow contest & the newbie ‘cold storage’ My Favourite however is Markus Heinel, he gets cuter and cuter game by game ❤

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