Game Endings

–Warning the following will contain spoilers. Very very big ones–

Okay if your reading this, you want to check out what happens at the end of one of Nitrome’s games. Though sadly… I haven’t beaten all of the games… so this list is incomplete. (This page will slowly be updated)

Warning these really really really contain big spoilers. Do not read if you don’t wanna see the ending. Please only read if you’ve beaten the game.

So you really wanna see?


It allows you to blow away a bunch of the moss with your mouse and when all of its clear you can read, “blasted and dodged all the way to the end. Well Done!”



Castle Corp

The newspaper reads, “Castle Times Castle Corp are King of Castle. Stock Shock! Happy Family Sheilds and Accessories Inc Files for Bankrupcy”
Endles 3

 Cheese Dreams

You fly out when suddenly a giant cat spaceship comes and eats you and the Mices’ spaceship (A direct parody of Star Wars)

Cheese Dreams ending

Cold Storage
It says, “Congratulations, you escaped from cold storage”

 Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam

It says, ”

With the Baron vanquished Dirk and Victoria escaped, leaving the Navy to destroy the Fortress. The Queen led Britain in its successful counter attacks on the Baron’s scattered forces. Monty became a Millionarre when started a company making construction guns using chains. And Dirk returned to England only to encounter a little problem in… Dirk Valentine and the Martian Underworld…”
Then, “The London News. Battenburgs Fortress Destroyed! Queen returns from mystery holiday! Barons body not found! Congratulations Prisoners saved *number* of Forty Two.”
Endles 2222
Double Edge
The girls says, “No way! You think just because you rescued me… You get a kiss? Now take me Home! Well Done!”
Double edged endles




Once you’ve won it says, “Well Done! Diguised as cute bunnies your army of ferocious monsters has been successfully deployed all over happy land. The reign of terror begins…”

Happy land


Feed Me

It says, “You have completed all of the levels and escaped the greenhouse!”

Feedme ending

Hot Air Two
You and the pink balloon have hearts going up and have just been married. You use Barons blimp as a just married car and Baron is in a cage. You also learn he has a baby.
Endles 8i8

Icebreaker Red Clan
It reads, “Congratulations! Your final score is *score*”
Endles 666

Mallet Mania
It says ,”congratulations”.
Endles 77


It goes like this, ”

Arrgh Ahoy Mateys! That be too easy! Them bunch of lilly livered land lubbers never stood a chance! We be both filthy and rich now! Nothing be standing in our way! Yo ho ho…
Aye… that be true. Unless we be bumping into the kraken that is.
Kraken… what Kraken?
Yarrrrrggggh… I think he be on about the sequel captain.
…Sequel… what sequel?




Mutiny endles


All the rubies start falling from the sky, and a picture has the caption “For making it through all the trials the tribe holds a feast in your honor




It says, “Thank you for powering up our death rays! Let the invasion begin!”    

Powerup ending!

It says “Success all jobs complete!” and The boss has a nice new car and loads of money while Bary, Garry, and the brothers have an Ultimasher 3000


It says, “Congratulations! You finished with *score*”


Square Meal

It says, “You escaped from the Dungeon!”

Square meal finish

Thin Ice

It says, “Game Complete”
Endles 444

Twin Shot

It says, “Congratulations! Your final score is *score achieved*”
Endles 5er5

Twin shot Good and Evil

It celebrates with, “With the dark creatures clearly outmatched our twin heroes once again stand triumphant! As the last of the evil cowered back to their land it is time to celebrate with a banquet!”
Endles 99dude

It prospers with, “As the dust settled it was clear things would never be the same again. In time harmony spread across their land and statues were built in honour of the heroes.”
Endles 10


9 Responses to “Game Endings”

  1. dcs Says:

    U need Parasite,Both Frost bites and…………………… MORE !

  2. dcs Says:


  3. random person #1-6B-3ZL7 Says:

    Well, he said that he only published the games he’s beaten…so…

  4. william Says:

    i wish there were’nt any red x’s
    DANG YOU McAFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. william Says:

    that poor yeti weti woo woo, i hope he survives =,P

  6. NOBODY Says:

    I have saved all the nitrome end screens for games I’ve beaten. If anyone wants to see ’em…give me a shout on my Talk Page.

  7. Mark Vice Says:

    I love it!

  8. Micah Says:

    add parasite

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